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Hello, my name is Ilia Bagdavadze, I live in the country Georgia and currently I’m studying engineering at the Georgian Technical University, I want to tell you about the history of my country, the situation in which we Georgian people found ourselves from year 1921 and that is from the invasion of the Russian Red army and the struggles we had to endure starting from then and continuing for nearly 90 years. I want to talk about Georgia’s condition in times of the Soviet Union, because there is not a lot of information about it throughout the world and not many people know about our country’s past.

As a kid a grew up in a normal family, except the fact that I had no grandparents from my father’s side, when a was little I didn’t realize why it happened like that, everybody around me had either grandmothers or grandfathers, one day when I was 4 my friend Dato asked me why he hadn’t seen my grandparents and I couldn’t answer him anything, when I got back home I asked my father the same question, I can remember that my question brought him tears and he just told me that they had been living in another country and couldn’t visit me, only after I was seven did he tell me the actual truth, my grandparents were victims of the Soviet regime, my grandfather Ilia was a well known painter and an intelligent man who knew that the Soviet regime was the cancer of his country, he opposed it in every way he could, but in those times opposing the regime meant certain death and he was careful in his actions, he actively worked underground to teach people about the harsh reality of their living and make them understand that Communism was not the answer for them, because everyone could see that people weren’t happy, everyone was under total control and the government was restricting any information or initiative that could potentially harm their regime.

My grandmother Elene was against the Soviet Union too, she helped his husband in every way she could, even though they had a child and she knew what could happen if they would be exposed, she chose to support his husband in his initiative to change the situation in people, of course they knew that their actions wouldn’t bring an end to the Soviet Union, but they hoped that they would change the way people thought and time after time it would grow into a massive resistance with the help of other Georgian people like them, they weren’t the only ones who took this role, many other tried to do their best in the fight against the regime, because they knew that it would be a mistake to sit and do nothing, knowing that your people are being tortured and fooled around.

My grandparents were fighting a noble fight, but after some time they were exposed and caught, because everything in the Soviet Union was built on denouncing and fear, neighbor would say something about you because they thought that you were against the Soviet Union and you would be thrown in jail or exiled from the country, with no real proof of your crime, that is exactly what happened to my grandparents, their deeds against the Soviet regime weren’t hidden anymore, because one of their friends told about them and how they were against the system, my grandparents were arrested shortly after, but they managed to leave their son to the neighbor and told them to bring my dad to his aunt, they knew that something bad could happen to him to and that is why they decided to act like this. Ilia knew about the unreal court that awaited them, in the times of the Soviet Union, there was not really a court that would investigate crimes like treason, 3 heads of KGB (Committee for State Security) were in charge of making decisions on this topics, they had trial 24 hours after the arrest and usually they would sentence people to death or exile in the labor camps of Russia.

My father told me that Ilia knew that exile would be a soft sentence for them and In fact my father never got to see them again, my father is sure that they were sentenced to death because, they would otherwise contact him somehow in case of exile. I was named after my grandfather… it was a great loss for my father, he never got to see them again, but the struggle for my family and the whole country was not over after the Soviet Union fell apart, I want to tell you about that in the next article and also tell you about what famous artists like Bera and others think about the situation of Georgia nowadays.



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